We are based about 30 miles west of St. Louis, Missouri. That means we are in the Central Standard Time zone of the United States (USA); 1 hour behind East coast time and 2 hours ahead of West Coast time; which gives us a strategic location to support your Small Business Website no matter what time of day it is. As of today we only conduct business with U.S. based Small Businesses as we believe in creating and supporting the American Dream and fulfilling our patriotic duties as U.S. Citizens of the most powerful and diverse country and culture in the industrialized world.

You can view our portfolio items for some details about some of our previous work in Website Development, Design, SEO, Maintenance, eCommerce, including converting concepts from PDF or PSD (Photoshop) designs into a fully functional Small Business website. Feel free to send a message to ask any questions. I promise to be quick in my reply and as to the point as I can (meaning minimal sales pitches). I have been developing Small Business Websites in WordPress since 2008 and in Web Development (HMTL/CSS/Javascript) since 2004. Most of my previous work was as a freelancer for other web firms so I can’t advertise that work unfortunately.

If you feel tired of being lost in being recognized withing these larger, more expensive, firms that compete with you on Search Engines or just with having a more advanced and/or functional website; If you feel like your unfairly spending as much as these bigger companies out there, but with nothing more to show for it than a nice site Small Business Website; If you wished you had a Web Master or team of Web Masters who understood, truly understood, the strains and day to day struggles of Small Business Website and ownership. LOOK NO FURTHER. We Are Here…RIGHT NOW. We have those strains. And as an Owner, I have those struggles on how to keep profits up and costs far away from breaking the budget every month.

Don’t get frustrated and try to do it yourself with a DIY websites where they boast to help you every step of the way or so easy a 5 year old can do it. Really? A 5 year old? Do they even know what Keywords are or how to drag a customers eyes to where you want to advertise to them on your Small Business Website? Do they even know what profit margins mean? But alas, many owners do get frustrated and feel they need to go this course due to cost. They look to save money. And I get it. But at the same time, I don’t host my own site out of my basement, I have a professional web hosting service do it. Why? I don’t want to worry about security updates, malware protection, hackers, routine server maintenance, the list goes on. And you want a Small Business Website that is custom to fit your needs and ever changing marketing schemes to reach your target audience. Those DIY create your own website in 5 minutes does NOT, from my experience, take into account proper SEO content management or custom scripts needed to present different content maybe depending on the type of browser they are using or country or state they are surfing from.

We bring what they can’t to the table. Value, Trust, Dedication, Flexibility, and a Fun time. You need someone there who knows your business and YOU to help YOUR customers. The old saying is perfect here. You truly do pay for what you get in regard to DIY sites. But with our services, you you pay less than the huge Website firms but still retain the same value.

VALUE is what we provide.We have a lot of services we bundle into each of our projects that is all part of

TRUST is what we are about..  DEDICATION is what we will have to your Small Business Website. And our VALUE, TRUST, DEDICATION, and FUN we bring to the table is why we are the best fit for your Small Business Website.

This is the same reason why we hire any professional. They, we,:

  • Know what to look for that others may not or may overlook.
  • Are trained for thinking, eating, sleeping this profession.
  • Have gone to school or have tons of experience day in and day out.
  • Have Experience to know how to best approach most situations without having to look up youtube videos
  • Can SAVE YOU TIME and MONEY because they can do it faster and likely finish on-time and help keep your personal relationships with others from taking a back seat.

Your an expert for your business, you have a life to live, let me be the expert for your web presence. Let me be your Web Partner. Let me help you sleep better at night. Let me be your Web Master!!

Service Description (or the checklist you should be looking for)

I am:

  • Focused
  • Timely
  • Efficient (I use Trello for tracking my progress and as a virtual white board (and of course Elance as well for milestone updates)
  • A great communicator and communicate frequently to keep you updated and aware of progress

Proficient in:

  • Web Development
    • PHP5
    • CSS3
    • HTML5
    • jQuery
    • AJAX
    • Javascript
    • WordPress
  • WordPress Customization / Consultation
    • Template Editing
    • Memberships
    • aMember
    • Wishlist
    • MemberMouse
    • 3rd Party Integration
    • OptimizePress
    • WordPress with CDN

I have recently completed creating a custom theme with WordPress, membership setup with aMember, email campaign integration with Get Response and aMember, WooCommerce store setup and adding to another site an aMember V4 digital products store as well, and styling the site using a third party graphic design mock-up provided by the client.

I am also good at:

  • Forum Setup / Customization
    • phpBB
    • bbpress
  • Hosting Solutions Help
    • CPanel
  • HTML / CSS
    • PSD to HTML
    • PSD to WordPress
  • Newsletters
    • Aweber
    • GetResponse